Nanma Super Stretch Silicon Sleeve in Clear

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Product Description

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a really big penis, but never had the time to do something about it, or were unwilling to face surgery (with good reason). Even if you’re satisfied with your penis, it’s always fun to surprise your partner or wife with something new, and the Super Stretch Silicon Sleeve (Clear) penis extension is just the thing you need! Manufactured of durable silicon, the Super Stretch Silicon Penis Extender is soft, pliable and malleable, just like skin, but also hard enough to bring your partner to ecstasy on the edge of reason! This silicon penis sleeve is ultra-smooth on the inside to guarantee superb adherence during vigorous use, and is covered in ticklers and nodules on the outside to satisfy your partner, tickling her in all the right places and giving her that full sensation she craves! The Super Stretch Silicon Penis Sleeve can help you perform better, too! Not only will her cried of pleasure encourage and excite you, but the soft yet firm embrace of the silicon penis sleeve will act as an oversized cock ring, helping you maintain hard and powerful erections for longer than ever before! Please note that color may vary. Made of soft and durable silicon Massively increases both length and girth of penis Improves overall performance Features exciting ridges, nubs and nodules.

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