Fifty Shades of Grey|Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie

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Product Description

He binds my wrists together with the tie, knotting it firmly. His eyes are bright with wild excitement. He tugs at the binding. It’s secure and I am under his control. My heart leaps and desire pools way down low…Soft, silky, and utterly sensual, the Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie forms an integral part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, not to mention an integral part of your own lightly bound-up fantasies. Inspired by some of Anastasia and Christian’s famous forays into the thrilling world of control and submission, this silky tie is a wonderfully non-intimidating way to introduce restraint-play to unique playtime indulgences. Long and lustrous in form, the Tie forms a single piece that easily encompasses either wrists or ankles in signature gray and black satin. Tuck each end through the central loop and pull through to secure, or simply knot the entire Tie around the zone to be trussed up. With about 55 inches (1.4 meters) to work with, there’s lots of room for experimentation, so whether you’re a seasoned sub or simply curious, the Soft Limits suits. Satin storage bag included.

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