JoyDivision|Slick ‘N’ Slide 100ml

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Product Description

The liquid silicone Slick ‘N’ Slide 100ml can be used under the shower, in the hot tub, and anywhere where you are surrounded by water. Slick ‘N’ Slide 100ml is 100% suitable for use with condoms; is free from oils, fats, and preservatives; provides extra-long lubrication, and is highly effective, with a little going a long way. The gel is suitable for a variety of uses, and is also perfect for body massages.

The many advantages of Slick ‘N’ Slide:
Approved as a medical-grade product
Subject to constant quality control
Subject to regular medical and dermatological testing
Features long-lasting lubricating properties
Is highly effective, with a little going a long way
Suitable for use with condoms
Ideal for oral intercourse

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