Blue Line C&B Gear|Parachute Ball Stretcher

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Product Description

A simple, deviously pleasurable accessory from the Blueline collection, the Parachute Ball Stretcher comfortably, yet very effectively weighs down the testicles during sex, foreplay and masturbation, an act that can, for many men, lead to extremely intense orgasms. During extreme stimulation and impending orgasm, the testicles move upward toward the body. The Parachute’s design keeps a firm grip on the balls, preventing this movement and furthermore, gently tugging them downward. Not only can this effect stall ejaculation, leading to longer lasting sex, but can also greatly enhance orgasm, once it finally occurs. A sexy leather-look vinyl cuff snaps securely around the testicles, surrounding them in a snug parachute. Three evenly spaced chains link to the bottom of the cuff, strategically placed for an even ‘drag’- the chains can be removed entirely to eliminate the more intense tug they provide, likewise, any orb or weight you already own could be clipped on to any point of the chain to increase that effect. Fits most.

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