HOT Pheromone Fragrance Twilight Man Eau De Parfum 50ml

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Product Description

Wish there was a magic potion to make you irresistible to women? Well, now there is! Prepare for things to get really HOT when you splash on some of this pheromone fragrance because, developed in West Germany, it boasts the same incredible research and quality that we have come to expect from our neighbouring country. Well renowned for its highly effective line of pheromones, Twilight for Men is brought to us by the innovative minds at HOT. Made using only the finest ingredients, which are proven to work in the same way as natural pheromones; by attracting members of the opposite sex, you’ll be thrilled with the results. Each of our bodies produces pheromones naturally. However, they are mostly washed away during our daily hygiene regimes. Twilight for Men replaces the pheromones that we are lacking, thus giving us an advantage over other men and rendering those cliché chat up lines obsolete! Women will be instinctively drawn to you upon getting a whiff of your stunning scent. So, prepare to be bitten by the pheromone bug…

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