Lollipop Star No-line Strapless Panty in Black

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Product Description

No Line Strapless Panties Invisible Panty. The Stringless Tanga or more simply the S-tanga is the revolutionary solution for the irritating edges of your underwear. A simple idea with a super result.
The S-tanga stays in place with a specially designed washable silicone gel that is attached to both the front and back of the skin.
And then makes sure that you can handle that tight dress or those white pants with pleasure.
The S-tanga Classic comes in one size, and is a pleasure for every modern woman to wear.

How do you wear the S-tanga

1. Attach the S-tanga to clean and dry skin, with no cream and / or lotion left on.
2. Remove the strips from the silicone gel edges.
3. Place the front of the S-tanga in the right place and press it firmly against the skin.
4. Place the back of the S-tanga on the back just above the tailbone.

Instructions for use and care

1. Carefully remove the S-tanga from your skin.
2. Wash the S-tanga by hand and use a mild soap.
3. Let them dry afterwards.
4. As soon as the S-tanga is dry, store it again in the supplied packaging so that dust does not come on the sticky parts.

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