Kinklab Red Handle Neon Wand with Red Electrode

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Product Description

Neon Wand Electrosex Kit – Red and Black Handle Red Electrode. Ignite the kinky spark in your relationship with this innovative electrosex wand by Kinklab. Fashioned to look like a tool that belongs in a mad scientists lab, you’ll be surprised to discover its beginner-friendly options that suit any experience level.With a bark that’s worse than its bite, this unique sex toy blends an intimidating ‘tool-like’ exterior with light stimulation that awakens both body and mind. Its aggressive styling makes a fantastic prop for enhancing power play scenarios, whilst its completely customizable power settings enable you to experiment with different level of pleasure and pain.Contrary to most electrosex toys that offer stimulation you can feel but not see, the Kinklab black wand creates glowing sparks that leap through the air and create a visual thrill unlike any other – it really is eye-gasmic! Plus, thanks to special gas-filled attachments, the purple adds a custom hue to your play session.Historically violet wands are cumbersome things used for medical and therapeutic purposes (Victorian cure for baldness, anyone?) but Kinklab have taken this technology and formed it into a lightweight, convenient model for easy use in the bedroom. Not just reserved for BDSM couples and pain seekers, this e-stim toy boasts a multitude of features to help you customize sensation for beginner, intermediate and advanced play.Use the simple twist base control to set the power output, and experiment with all 4 tempered glass attachments to discover their different stimulating properties. The attachments include an Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90° Probe and Tongue Tube. Wider attachments such as the Mushroom and Tongue tubes spread sensation and reduce intensity, while narrow contact points such as the Comb ‘teeth’ and Probe concentrate stimulation in one area for much stronger sensation.

Although associated with bondage, fetish and BDSM, the Violet Wand actually works similarly to feather ticklers, offering a gentle and prickly tickling sensation that can be powered up to something more painful if you should desire.

Key Features:

  • Electrosex violet wand for exciting electro-stimulation pleasure
  • 4 tempered glass attachments offer a variety of intensities and play options
  • 96 inch cord length enables easy manoeuvrability during play
  • 9.25 inch rubber-coated wand handle provides a solid grip point for faultless control
  • Makes a fantastic electrical “buzzzz” that enhances mad scientist role play perfectly

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