Jes Extender Titanium Penis Enlargement Device

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Product Description

Jes Extender is a penis enlargement device, no surgery needed, that stimulates cell growth of the area that it is being stretched. Exposing a part of the body to a constant stretch, naturally results in cell division in this area of the body a process called cytokinesis. The Jes-Extender applies a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis, causing tissue cells to divide and create new tissue. This cell growth effects in a longer and thicker penis, in a matter of weeks or months. The Jes-extender has been designed to be lightweight and comfortable, while still providing enough traction. Jes Extender can be used anytime and anywhere. The result of the treatment is determined by the amount of hours wearing the device. The results from a clinical trial of this product, stated that those who used Jes Extender, increased their size a 24% after the treatment ended. Some cases had an increase of a whooping 40%. The results were published in the renown 1st International Simposium of Reconstructive Genital Surgery.

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