Fifty Shades of Grey|Control Freak Under the Bed Stretcher Set in Silver

Fifty Shades of Grey|Control Freak Under the Bed Stretcher Set in Silver

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Product Description

What’s bondage without the perfect set of bed restraints? The Control Freak Under the Bed Stretcher set of restraints is a key part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Playroom Collection. This set allows you to recreate your favourite fantasy scene from the film like a true pro.

These bed restraints are a luxury item that the experienced Mr. Grey would approve of. They’re lined with faux fur for maximum comfort and give one partner control, while the other enjoys exhilarating vulnerability. This restraint set includes wrist and ankle cuffs for a complete carnal coup – and they’re perfect for use with any bed. These restraints build trust, and are ideal for budding BDSM lovers. They leave you completely exposed, giving your partner access to your most intimate and sensitive areas. These cuffs have a soft cushioning to the inside as well as a satin exterior for extreme indulgence. They can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit and are just as easily detached for safe play that’s varied and versatile. These wrist and ankle cuffs come with a Fifty Shades of Grey blindfold to amp up the excitement as well as a branded door hanger. This complete set sizzles when it comes to first time bondage thrill seekers – but is the perfect pick for pleasure pros who want to push bondage boundaries in the bedroom.

How to use: The deluxe restraint is easy to put into action. Simply adjust the central strap of the stretcher until it’s slightly longer than the length of your bed, then slip it under the mattress with the two ends coming out and onto the mattress-top at both sides. These should comfortably reach your outstretched hands and ankles. Have your lover attach the cuffs to the D-rings and then secure the cuffs to your wrists and ankles.

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