Chisa Novelties|Vagina Lipstick Stimulator 9 cm in Red

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Product Description

Vagina Lipstick Massage Style Pocket Massager Wand by Chisa Novelties, Powerful Mini Travel-friendly Bullet Vibrator for Women in Red. A lipstick vibrator can be tossed in every purse, backpack and briefcase you own and if someone runs across a “lipstick” it doesn’t scream vibrator.

The other lovely part of a lipstick vibrator is it is small, can be held in your hand and be “hidden in plain sight.” I also find these are in no way intimidating to use in front of a partner or with a partner who may be a bit shy of sex toys.

Opening the packaging up the lipstick comes in two parts; the lid and the main lipstick part. The red color of the lipstick tip is a solid but smooth material so no uncomfortable edges to upset your play. The red color definitely is a popular.

Colour and in general stylish with the rest of the lipstick look; just adding to its high quality feel and look.

Having admired the awesome look, it was time to try it. If you have the main lid on; twist button to turn the vibe on, this one is a bit loose so comes off easier. This lid will come off before you can take the main lid off. It’s a bit annoying that it is loose but not bad.

It may only have one setting but it strong for such a little device! It was intense and touch it to your clit without making a loud noise. With that power, it gets you more than just in the mood. Easy to use with lube, smooths over the vibe which means it smooths over you too. The flat top of the lipstick spreads the vibes further for more spread pleasure.

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