Seven Creations|Beginner Gold Ben Wa Balls

Seven Creations|Beginner Gold Ben Wa Balls

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Product Description

Beginner Gold BenWa Balls w/ Retrieval Cord Smart Duotone Kegel Exercise Balls. Tone up your pelvic floor and enjoy the orgasmic roll of 2 free-roaming weights pleasuring your G-spot with these Ben Wa balls. Helping you rejuvenate your vagina in the most enjoyable way possible, these toner balls are for both health and pleasure.

Each sphere houses a small ball that wiggles when you do, resulting in sensational stimulation. Not only that, you get to tone your pelvic floor muscles and improve your sex life.

The 2 Beginner Gold Ben Wa Balls weigh 28g each and are great for anyone new to the world of muscle strengthening through the use of Ben Wa Balls. Simply coat in water-based lubricant and insert 1 ball at a time, leaving the retrieval string outside of your body. Wear as you go about your everyday chores to tone and strengthen your muscles and enjoy discreet stimulation at the same time!

Ben Wa Balls are not only used for stimulation – they have been proven to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles too, making for more intense orgasms.

Please note: The colour and surface texture of these balls may vary from the image shown.

Key Features:

  • A set of oriental Beginner Gold Ben Wa Balls  for beginners
  • Each ball weighs 28g making a total weight of 56g for a gentle introduction to pelvic floor exercise
  • Regular wear strengthens your kegel muscles for intensified orgasms, better bladder control and overall good vaginal health
  • Internal balls wiggle and jiggle to stimulate pleasure points during wear
  • User-friendly retrieval cord makes removal easy

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