AQUAglide Strawberry Lubricant – 100 ml

AQUAglide Strawberry Lubricant – 100 ml

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Product Description

The pleasant and water-based Original AQUAglide Strawberry provides a light and reliable solution for when the vagina’s natural lubrication is insufficient. But even without this problem, it provides greater intensity of sensation and excitement during lovemaking. And AQUAglide Strawberry provides numerous advantages compared to other lubricants. You can use it as a high-quality massage gel, for instance, or as the ideal complement when using latex condoms or our seductive Lovestyle toys. Or spice up oral sex with the sinfully delicious scent and flavour varieties such as strawberry, cherry, banana, exotic, and raspberry.

No matter how you use it – with AQUAglide, you and your partner will reach new pinnacles of pleasure during lovemaking! This is confirmed by all the men and women who have made AQUAglide to one of europe’s most popular lubricants for over ten years now. And then of course the excellent test results from numerous well-known consumer associations!

The many advantages of AQUAglide:
Approved as a medical-grade product
Water-soluble and fat-free
Subject to constant quality control
Also suitable for oral intercourse
Features long-lasting lubricating properties
Highly effective, with a little going a long way
Subject to regular medical and dermatological testing
Suitable for use with condoms

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